Apple tvOS 15.2 RC preview released

Apple released multiple RC preview system updates including iOS 15.2, macOS 12.1, watchOS 8.3. Apple today released the updated RC preview version of tvOS 15.2 to developers. The specific version number is 19K53. The software was released one week after the Beta 4 beta and more than a month after tvOS 15.1 was released. The previous update introduced SharePlay support.

Developers can download the new tvOS 15.2 beta version by using Xcode to download configuration files to Apple TV. The update of tvOS is usually small, focusing on bug fixes and improvements rather than major external changes. There is no news about the update of tvOS 15.2 yet.

Apple TV has added support for SharePlay in the previous official version update. Users can watch the content in the Apple TV application with friends and family through FaceTime; it also provides content for playing content, pause, rewind and fast The advanced sharing controls have also added intelligent control volume, which can automatically reduce the sound of movies, TV shows or songs when someone is talking.

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