Apple watchOS 8.3 RC version released

Apple pushed the watchOS 8.3 RC version update to Apple Watch users. This update is one week after the release of the fourth test version.

The watchOS 8.3 supports the Apple Music voice control program, allowing users to use Siri to access all songs, playlists and radio stations in Apple Music .

In addition, watchOS 8.3 also supports "App Privacy Report" to record data and sensor access , and fixes the problem that notifications may accidentally interrupt some users' "mindfulness" exercises.

Users can download the watchOS 8 Beta description file through the IThome App-Discover-Apple Profile, and download and update watchOS 8.3 Beta through the Apple Watch app on the iPhone.

The watchOS 8 system brings a redesigned breathing app, as well as a new portrait dial, information app and photo app. watchOS 8 runs on all Apple Watch models that support watchOS 7.

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