China Telecom plans to promote the commercialization of 5G news in January

 According to The Paper, at the 2021 China Value-Added Telecom and Virtual Operator Summit Forum-Technology Innovation Conference under the Trend of 5G Convergence Communication, a person from China Telecom revealed: “ Plan to choose an opportunity in January (Choose a point in time) Promote the commercialization of 5G news, and is currently in the process of formulating a plan."

5G news is a basic communication service based on the unified GSMA standard in the 5G era and is one of the fastest commercial applications of 5G. 5G messaging has always been regarded as the killer application in the 5G era, which is equivalent to the "upgraded version" of the current SMS. Just like WeChat, it can send pictures, video messages, and even buy tickets and shopping.

In November of this year, China Unicom has launched 5G messaging trial commercials across the country and launched the “5G messaging experience recruitment campaign” to provide corporate customers and individual users with free 5G messaging experience packages. The friendly experienced users will enjoy a richer, more convenient, and smarter experience. , A new and secure 5G messaging experience.

China Mobile briefly launched a "5G News" app before. The official said it was to protect the name from malicious preemption, but it did not disclose the specific time for the commercialization of 5G news.

The 5G News Joint Laboratory is about to be inaugurated and will be established by 7 units including China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, China Association of Communications Enterprises, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, ZTE, and Huawei. In addition, the 5G News Working Group revealed that a number of group standards for 5G news have been initially completed and are expected to be officially announced in 2022.

However, many industry insiders pointed out that the current 5G news has problems such as insufficient terminal coverage, slow operator advancement, and poor actual experience. It remains to be seen whether the user base of 5G news can break through the existing social environment in the future.

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