China Telecom's first "IPv6+" medical industry slice private network successfully landed

With the acceleration of digital transformation, more and more governments and enterprises choose information systems to go to the cloud, putting forward higher requirements for the integration of the cloud and the Internet.

China Telecom Anhui recently announced that based on new technologies such as cloud-network integration and "IPv6+", it has successfully built China Telecom's first medical industry slicing network, and is the first to realize commercial use in Anhui, providing thousands of cloud scenarios for district and county hospitals. The large bandwidth slicing private network service of Gigabit Optical Network ensures that the cloud of hospital business is safer, more stable, and more reliable.

According to reports, the solution has many advantages such as safety and reliability, fast opening, flexibility, and smart visibility. The cloud-network convergence scenario-based solution for the full-service cloud deployment of district and county hospitals has successfully provided Jingde County People’s Hospital with SRv6 end-to-end slices, one jump into the cloud, fast disaster recovery between clouds, and one box of multiple services. Services such as visibility of business quality and rapid fault location.

The innovative case "Jingde County People's Hospital Intelligent Cloud Network Project" won the ICT China Best "Technology Innovation Application" award.

Safe and reliable:- Based on the new "IPv6+" network slicing technology, the medical industry slicing private network is deployed to isolate the cloud service of the hospital from other services and provide a stable service experience. Based on the cloud network POP, the rapid disaster recovery and backup of the hospital system between the industry cloud and the Tianyi cloud is realized.

Quick opening:- Based on the new generation of cloud network operation system, combined with the extensive coverage of cloud network resources of China Telecom Anhui Company, the "IPv6+" segmented routing SRv6 technology is used to realize the integration of cloud and network services.

Flexible:- By deploying smart cloud equipment in the hospital, combining the Gigabit optical network dedicated line into the cloud, and the interconnection backbone network between the clouds, the hospital only needs one point of access to reach the institutions and cloud pools that need to be connected, achieving one-line multiple services and flexible access to cloud pools. resource.

Intelligent visualization:- Use iFIT flow detection technology to provide value-added service functions such as visibility of cloud and network resources, visibility of cloud and network SLA, self-tuning of bandwidth, and simplified operation and maintenance management.

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