Chinese manufacturer Yuyang Technology launched 008004 ultra-miniature MLCC capacitor

The domestic manufacturer Shenzhen Yuyang Technology Development Co., Ltd. (Yuyang Technology) recently launched the industry’s smallest size 008004 (0.25mm*0.125mm*0.125mm) Ultra-miniature chip multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) products, and as the first domestic authoritative organization-China Saibao laboratory testing and identification.

This product is mainly used for chip embedding, SIP packaging, wearable and mobile device upgrades, etc. Compared with the existing 01005 size (0.4mm*0.2mm*0.2mm), the mounting area ratio has been reduced by about 60%. The volume is reduced by about 75% , and by reducing the mounting space, it can contribute to the further miniaturization and high integration of end products or modules.

According to the official statement, the 008004 ultra-micro MLCC launched by Yuyang Technology has a standard coverage of rated voltage and nominal capacity range. It has achieved C0G series capacitance value 0.2pF-33pF, rated voltage 16V / 25V, and has recently broken through the development of 100pF ; X5R series The capacitance is 100pF-22nF, and the rated voltage is 2.5V~16V.

Due to the small size of this capacitor, it is difficult to cover the electrodes at both ends. Yuyang Technology overcomes the problem of uniformly and densely coating the end on the size of 0.25mm*0.125mm, and it can be completed without relying on imported equipment.

The manufacturers of 008004 ultra-micro MLCC were mainly Japanese manufacturers. Yuyang Technology 008004 ultra-miniature MLCC has been aligned with Japanese manufacturers in terms of temperature characteristics and voltage, and the capacity range is gradually expanding. It is reported that after the official launch of 008004, Yuyang Technology has sent samples to customers for certification.

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