Cooler Master released a new sleeve-blade mechanical keyboard

 According to Cooler Master official news, Cooler Master Sleeve Blade CK721 three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard is now available, 65% of the compact design, support Bluetooth 5.1 wireless, 2.4G wireless and USB wired Three modes are connected, the price is 549 yuan.

According to the official statement, Cooler Master Sleeve Blade CK721 uses a sandblasted aluminum upper cover, which can achieve maximum durability and minimum flash; three shafts with different handles can be selected, which can withstand 50 million keystrokes; wired Type- C Connect and match 2.4GHz to achieve near-delay input, or use Bluetooth 5.1 wireless connection; compatible with Windows 8 and later, macOS X, iOS and Android, with a single click of the key combination, you can connect between all paired devices Realize easy soft switching; equipped with precision knobs, which can provide tactile control of turning or pressing at the same time; equipped with soft wrist rest, anti-friction fabric design; 16.7 million colors can be mapped to any button at will, and the lighting mode can be customized at the same time And tuning macros.

The sleeve blade CK721 three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard is now available on the e-commerce platform. The price is 549 yuan. The official 9-key PBT keycap is given.

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