Enterprise QQ will completely stop service and operation on January 31 next year

Enterprise QQ and Marketing QQ are enterprise-level communication platforms built by Tencent for small and medium-sized enterprises. Tencent has announced that the corporate QQ + marketing QQ will be fully upgraded. The Tencent Enterprise Point team decided:

  • At 20:00:00, October 28, 2021: Enterprise QQ and marketing QQ will be completely suspended for renewal;
  • At 23:59:59 on January 31, 2022: Enterprise QQ and Marketing QQ will be fully serviced and operated, and you will not be able to log in at that time.
It is reported that Tencent will assist users to upgrade their existing products to more powerful Tencent Enterprise Point products, and provide you with comprehensive upgrade guarantees, including:

  • All users who are about to expire (within 15 days) will temporarily extend the expiration time by 30 days (the extended time will be deducted during the new product's use period after the upgrade is completed) to ensure a smooth upgrade;
  • Provide users who upgrade to new products before December 31, 2021, at the original price renewal activities, and the product capabilities will be upgraded for free (users in specific industries will upgrade the discount to exclusive industry products);
  • With immediate effect, we will arrange services for users to upgrade to Tencent's related products, so that customer assets and services can be continued and improved in the new products.

In addition, before December 31, 2021, Enterprise QQ will be upgraded to Tencent Enterprise’s main account, marketing QQ will be upgraded to Enterprise’s customer service standard version, and enjoy the original price renewal service. Historical upgrade customers can also enjoy this Activity.

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