Exposure of BOE Mini LED professional product line

BOE’s 2022 Mini LED professional product line was exposed, and products such as 27-inch 5K models and 32-inch 8K models are under planning. BOE has mass-produced 27-inch 4K 1152 partition backlight models. The products planned for 2022 will include 27-inch 5K products, 31.5-inch 4K, 31.5-inch 5K products, and 31.5-inch 8K products.

The Lenovo Hermit Extreme 27 in the picture above is a 4K Mini LED display with HDR1000 high brightness, 1152 partition backlight, and the price reaches 20,000 yuan. Today, BOE announced that it will hold a "Seen·Unseen" BOE display technology brand launch conference at 14:30 on December 21. It is expected that some new product news will be announced by then.

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