FiiO JD3 single moving coil earphone / JH3 ring iron earphone released

FiiO held a new product launch event on the evening of December 10, releasing JD3 single moving coil headphones, JH3 ring iron headphones and other products. These two headphones belong to the Jade Audio sub-brand of FiiO, and the initial price is 100 yuan lower than the retail price.

FiiO JH3 One Ring Two-iron In-Ear Headphones

This headset adopts a public-like design with a translucent material and a CNC metal cover. The earphone adopts a 0.78mm pin interchangeable design and is worn around the ear. The face cover of this product is made of aluminum alloy, CNC five-axis digital engraving, manual polishing, exposure and development, PVD electroplating and other processes to form a ripple effect.

The FiiO JH3 earphones are equipped with a low-frequency dynamic diaphragm of the same size as the flagship iron earphones, with a diameter of up to 13.6mm . This moving coil unit has a newly designed magnetic circuit structure, the magnetic flux is increased by 20% , so that the mid-frequency is full and thick, and the low-frequency volume is sufficient.

FiiO JH3 places a customized dual-unit moving iron unit in the duct . This design can reduce the propagation loss of high-frequency sound waves and strengthen the analysis. This headset has front and rear cavity balance pressure relief technology, standard single crystal copper wire, and Hi-Res small gold standard certification.

Headphone frequency response curve:

FiiO JH3 headphones have a frequency response range of 10-40kHz, an impedance of 28 ohms, and a sensitivity of 106dB . They are not very easy to push in earphones. The product table comes standard with a storage box, two sets of earplug sets, and a pair of memory foam sets. The headset retail price is 399 yuan, and the initial price is 299 yuan. It will go on sale at 0:00 on December 12.

FiiO JD3 Single Motion Headphone

This product is built with a one-piece stainless steel shell, built-in single moving coil unit, and also has Hi-Res small gold standard certification.

The product has an integrated stainless steel cavity, a semi-open design on the back, a sound-absorbing material in the back cavity, and a stainless steel filter for the duct.

FiiO JD3 uses 9.2mm moving coil unit , composite diaphragm and neodymium magnet. The sound-absorbing material in the back cavity of the earphone can improve the standing wave phenomenon, reduce distortion , and enable ventilation.

This headset is a non-exchangeable cable design, equipped with a remote control, and a 3.5mm four-level plug. The remote control is compatible with Android and Apple iPhone mobile phones.

FiiO JD3 headset has a retail price of 199 yuan and a starting price of 99 yuan . It will be officially launched at 0:00 on December 12, and the first discount will expire at 24:00 on December 24.

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