FiiO released FH9 flagship ring iron earphone

FiiO officially released the FH9 flagship ring iron headset on the evening of December 10. This product uses a circle of six iron structure, using Lou's moving iron unit, the price is 3999 yuan.

FiiO FH9 uses pure titanium material as the earphone shell , which is light in weight, which helps to suppress the generation of harmonics and reduce cavity resonance. Each pair of earphone shells are processed by a five-axis CNC machine tool, which has excellent rigidity.

The moving coil unit of this headset is redesigned and independently developed by FiiO. Advance its high-frequency cut-off frequency to 500Hz , cut off the redundant mid- and high-frequency response, so that the low-frequency and mid-frequency connection is naturally silky. The moving coil unit uses a large 13.6mm diaphragm, and the dome is made of DLC-like diamond material to provide faster transient response and reduce low-frequency distortion. The earphone adopts a semi-open back cavity acoustic design, which makes the sound soft and natural, and the sound field is wide.

The moving coil unit of the earphone focuses on the bass and adopts the S.Turbo acoustic turbocharged structure design, which can enhance the low-frequency effect while filtering high-frequency information.

The six moving iron units of FiiO FH9 use Lou's products, and two of them are located inside the duct. This headset is equipped with the SWFK high-frequency moving iron unit developed by FiiO and Lou's after 2 years , with a cut-off frequency of 5KHz. In addition, the intermediate frequency unit of the ring iron earphone is a link between the previous and the next, and the intermediate frequency composite moving iron unit is jointly customized. In addition, the earphone uses a notch device in the cavity design to eliminate the harmonic resonance generated by the cavity, sound tube, and ear canal, which helps to suppress the generation of tooth sound.

The tube of this earphone can be replaced by the filter. Different damping brings different high frequency passability, and three options are available.

The earphone adopts expandable MMCX connector and can be designed with interchangeable cables. The product comes standard with high-purity pure silver wire, 289 branch bases per share, a total of 8 shares , and adopts Litz structure single-branch insulation design. The surface of the wire is covered with imported transparent TPU environmentally friendly material, which effectively improves the yellowing of the wire.

The plug of this headset adopts a straight-in knob-type interchangeable audio plug design and supports three specifications of 2.5/3.5/4.4 mm.

FiiO FH9 has a frequency response range of 10Hz-40kHz, an impedance of 18Ω, a sensitivity of 108dB , and a maximum power of 100mW. The headset comes standard with a variety of earplug sets, including three pairs of SpinFit sets and two pairs of double-section sets.

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