Huami Amazfit GTR 3 / GTS 3 smart watch firmware update

According to Huami official news, Amazfit Yuewo GTR 3 & GTS 3 series firmware update, NetEase Cloud Music is online, and GoPro applet, system screen lock, dial application point, and other functions.

In October this year, Huami Technology held the Amazfit 2021 global annual new product launch conference, where Amazfit GTR 3, Amazfit GTR 3 Pro, and Amazfit GTS 3 smartwatches were officially released.

According to reports, Amazfit GTR 3 is equipped with the third-generation BioTracker biological tracking optical sensor. The 6PD configuration combined with self-developed algorithms allows the success rate and accuracy of OxygenBeats blood oxygen engine and RealBeats heart rate monitoring to increase to 98%, of which blood oxygen is upgraded to 24-hour smart Monitoring; combined with the SomnusCare sleep engine, it can screen suspected sleep impaired breathing and comprehensively monitor different stages of sleep. It also supports a one-key measurement function. One-click measurement in 60 seconds can fully grasp 5 health indicators including heart rate, atrial fibrillation, pressure, blood oxygen, and respiratory rate.

The screen of the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro model has been comprehensively improved: 1.45 inches in size, black edges compressed to 3.5mm, screen-to-body ratio increased to 70.6%, 480*480 ultra-clear resolution, 331ppi, and 150+ exquisite dial. The function is also more Pro. The added speaker of the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro allows the watch to directly make calls and listen to music via Bluetooth. Equipped with the new PumpBeats blood pressure monitoring engine, the measurement deviation is small and the data is reliable. Huami will jointly carry out a hypertension screening study with three well-known hospitals. Users can apply to join this clinical study on the Zepp App.

The Amazfit GTS smartwatch is available in three colors, obsidian black, misty white, and soft sand brown. The metal body and digital crown are paired with a whole piece of curved glass, and the body thickness is only 8.8mm. The screen occupancy is increased by 18%, the black border is narrowed by 27%, and the size reaches 1.75 inches. Equipped with Zepp OS like Amazfit GTR 3, it has a battery life of 12 days and weighs only 24.4 grams.

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