Huawei announced patents related to "Electrocardiogram Testing Equipment"

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. today published a patent for "ECG detection equipment and detection circuit", the publication number is CN113796872A.

According to the patent abstract of Qichacha, this application provides electrocardiogram detection equipment and detection circuit, which belong to the field of electronic technology. The casing of the electrocardiogram detection device may be made of conductive material, and the electrocardiogram detection device may include a voltage holding circuit for providing the casing with a target potential. Since the potential difference between the target potential provided by the voltage holding circuit and the reference potential provided by the electrocardiogram detection circuit for the third electrode is small, even during the ECG detection process, the user accidentally touches the case, causing the case to interact with the third electrode. If the electrode is turned on, there is no leakage current between the casing and the third electrode, or the leakage current generated is small.

This Huawei patent can effectively reduce the interference to ECG signals and ensure the accuracy of ECG detection.

Huawei previously announced that it will hold a Huawei winter flagship new product launch conference on December 23 and launch the wrist ECG blood pressure recorder HUAWEI WATCH D. The device has been registered as a Class II medical device by the China Food and Drug Administration.

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