HUAWEI WATCH D wrist ECG blood pressure recorder experience exposure

Huawei’s wrist ECG blood pressure recorder HUAWEI WATCH D will be officially released on December 23 and has been registered as a Class II medical device by the China Food and Drug Administration.

Today, the digital blogger @看山的叔叔 has exposed the product accessories and specific usage methods of this recorder. Let’s take a look at how the watch measures blood pressure.

As you can see from the picture, Huawei WATCH D has a wide range of accessories, including the watch body, straps of different sizes, airbags of different sizes, as well as rulers, chargers, and user guides for measuring wrist circumference.

According to the video introduction, WATCH D needs to measure the wrist circumference. When measuring, the scale is between 9-15. Please use the L code strap and airbag, please refer to 3 to adjust the L code strap; the scale is between 3-8, please use For M size strap and airbag, please refer to 4 to replace M size strap and airbag.

After the measurement is completed, the elasticity of the strap can be adjusted according to the scale, and the strap of different sizes and airbags of different sizes can be replaced.

When measuring blood pressure, the user double-clicks the WATCH D button to start the measurement. The user needs to be quiet, the heart is at the same height, the palms are on the shoulders, the elbows are supported, and the feet are flat.

Huawei WATCH D supports the measurement of the wearer's high pressure, low pressure, and pulse, as well as ECG. @看山’s uncle broke the news that WATCH D’s configuration is 32MB + 4GB storage and can be connected to Bluetooth headsets.

In addition, Huawei WATCH D also has a bright color model, the specific price, and other information, we will wait for the official announcement at the press conference.

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