Intel will invest 7 billion U.S. dollars to expand Malaysian chip packaging plant capacity

A press invitation letter indicated that Intel will invest 30 billion ringgit (Malaysian currency unit, approximately 7 billion U.S. dollars, 44.66 billion yuan) to expand its presence in Penang, Malaysia. The production capacity of the advanced semiconductor packaging plant in Penang.

According to the invitation letter, Intel is scheduled to hold a press conference on this investment at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia on Wednesday. At that time, Intel CEO Patrick Paul Gelsinger, Malaysian Trade Minister Azmin Ali and Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) CEO Aham Abdul Rahman (Arham Abdul Rahman) will attend the press conference.

The invitation letter stated that Intel's expansion of the production capacity of its advanced semiconductor packaging plant in Malaysia will strengthen its supporting activities and further strengthen Intel's global service center. At the same time, this investment will also position Malaysia as one of the key centers for manufacturing and shared services .

There were reports on Friday that Intel CEO Kissinger will visit Taiwan and Malaysia this week, highlighting the key role of Asian manufacturing for Intel. People familiar with the matter said that Kissinger will meet with executives of TSMC and other companies on this trip.

In Malaysia, factory closures caused by the epidemic have damaged the supply of chips for many companies. Intel relies on the Malaysian market for chip packaging, which is also the key last step in the semiconductor manufacturing process.

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