Japanese MLCC manufacturer Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. announced that the Philippines factory will be fully converted to use renewable energy

According to Juheng.com, Japan's MLCC manufacturer Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. announced on the 20th that the company's plant in the Philippines will be fully converted to renewable energy from January 1, 2022. This is also the first time that Murata has had an overseas factory that uses 100% renewable energy.

Murata's Philippine factory, located in Batangas province (Batangas) in southern Luzon, is also one of the important production bases of Murata's main product MLCC.

Murata has joined the ranks of the global renewable energy initiative RE100, aiming to achieve 100% renewable energy use by 2050.

According to reports, the factory has installed 6,768 solar panels on the roof of the factory building. It is estimated that the power generation is about 3% to 4% of the overall power consumption of the factory, and the remaining shortfall is purchased from outside.

Up to now, Kanazu Murata Manufacturing (Awara City, Fukui Prefecture, Japan) has successfully achieved 100% use of renewable energy. The plant has installed photovoltaic and power storage systems and achieved its goals through the purchase of green electricity.

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