Junwan Microelectronics Micro LED micro display entered mass production

According to media reports, recently, Micro LED micro-display company Junwan Microelectronics announced that its research team has successfully developed a series of high-brightness Micro LED micro-display products with full-size specifications from 0.3 inches to 1 inch. The pixel yield has exceeded 99.999%. Orders of tens of millions of yuan, and entered the mass production delivery stage.

It is reported that Junwan Microelectronics' Micro-LED microdisplay series products have met the display industry standards and equipment standards. Take Junwan Microelectronics’ 0.5-inch SXGA green high-brightness Micro LED micro-display product as an example. Its pixel density is as high as 3000 PPI, which is 9-10 times that of ordinary display screens. It can clearly present the rich details of the picture, and the brightness exceeds 100,000. Especially, it is better than LCD and OLED, and it fits the strict requirements of AR equipment for high brightness of the display. The brightness uniformity exceeds 90%, and the pixel yield exceeds 99.999%, which meets equipment standards and industry standards.

Junwan Microelectronics is an enterprise engaged in the research and development, production and sales of Micro LED micro display chips and devices. It is also the earliest company engaged in the research and development and production of Micro LED technology in China. It took the lead in successfully researching and developing the first Micro LED in China in 2017. Microdisplay chip.

In addition to launching monochromatic Micro LED micro-display products, Junwan Micro is currently actively researching and developing full-color Micro LED micro-displays to accelerate the application of Micro LED products in VR/AR and other display fields.

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