Lanji releases Intel DG1 MAX INDEX independent display

In January this year, Intel released the DG1 desktop independent display, indicating that it will cooperate with two ecosystem partners including ASUS to launch it. After that, ASUS released the DG1-4G independent display, equipped with 80EU.

Today, the new power graphics card brand Lanji held the 2021 National Channel Summit in Shenzhen and released the Lanji DG1 MAX INDEX graphics card, which claims to be the only 96EU desktop graphics card (Intel DG1) in Mainland China.

On the Lanji official website that this graphics card is equipped with DG1 Max GPU, 1.2GHz-1.65GHz, equipped with 128bit 4GB LPDDR4X 4267 video memory, interfaces include HDMI, DVI, and DP, supports PCIe 4.0, PL1 (long-term operation) function The power consumption is 25W, and the power consumption of PL2 (short-time operation) is 41W. From the point of view of parameters, this graphics card should be Intel’s first notebook with a GPU that displays Xe MAX alone.

Intel will hold a CES new product launch conference on January 5, when it is expected to release a new high-performance independent display, up to 512EU.

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