Lenovo’s rescuer R9000X and other three models cut prices

According to official sources from Lenovo’s rescuer, the rescuer R7000P, Y7000P, and R9000X models will be available for pre-sale tonight, and the price is lower than when they were first released. According to reports, the Lenovo Savior R9000X thin and light gaming notebook R7 5800H+RTX 3050 Ti version is priced at 7,299 yuan, and the R7 5800H+RTX 3060 version is priced at 7,999 yuan. The Y7000P i5-11400H + RTX 3050 Ti version is priced at 6,399 yuan. R7000P R7 5800H+RTX 3050 version is priced at 6399 yuan.

 Lenovo has begun to warm up the new generation of savior gaming laptops, saying that it has released four new products covering two platforms, which are expected to be Y9000P, Y7000P and R9000P, R7000P, respectively equipped with Intel and AMD new generation processors.

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