Liu Zuohu talks about OPPO Find N

Yesterday afternoon, the OPPO Find N folding flagship was officially released. This is also the first time that Liu Zuohu has stood on the stage as OPPO's chief product officer after returning to OPPO. OPPO Find N is the first folding screen mobile phone released by OPPO, but in fact, during the four years from 2018 to 2021, OPPO has successively iterated the 6-generation folding screen solutions, including outward fold, inward fold, and up and down folds, although Folding screen products came a little later, OPPO has never stopped exploring and investing in folding screens.

On December 15, the second day of the OPPO Future Technology Conference, OPPO Find N officially met with consumers with OPPO’s most advanced screen hinge technology and a more mature seamless concealment solution.

Compared with other folding screen products on the market, OPPO Find N has obvious advantages: the external screen size is 5.49 inches, the aspect ratio is 18:9, and the edge of the external screen has a 3D micro-curved design. Standard "small screen" candy bar; after unfolding, it is a 7.1-inch 8.4:9 internal screen, users do not need to rotate 90 degrees to get a focused large-screen experience. The new internal and external screen size allows OPPO Find N to take into account the convenience of one-handed control and large-screen immersion. At the same time, with the help of self-developed precision vertebral hinges, OPPO Find N also achieves a seamless invisible folding effect and free suspension. Stop the new interactive experience.

It is worth mentioning that OPPO Find N is also the first folding-screen phone that has passed the Folding Worry-Free Rheinland certification. It can still pass 20w folding tests in an extreme environment of -20°. At the press conference, OPPO Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer Liu Zuohu said: "OPPO Find N is a folding screen phone that everyone can use with confidence."

After the press conference, Liu Zuohu and Find N project director Zhou Yibao accepted interviews with medias, and further shared topics such as the OPPO Find N folding screen.

The first is about the OPPO Find N folding screen morphology. In the 6th generation of OPPO's iterative folding screen solution, it includes a solution similar to the Samsung Z Flip. The actual value is not enough, it is not OPPO's pursuit of larger and larger screens.

Liu Zuohu said that (users) buy folding screens in hopes of having a large screen experience. Since the internal screen has a large screen, why should the external screen be large? With a large screen, the external screen should feel better and more portable, which is what it should be. It would be very simple to figure out this logic, and it is natural to push Find N into this form. In the interview, Liu Zuohu referred to OPPO Find N as the "third form" or "the most correct form."

In addition, the folding screen must be basically usable, and the battery capacity is also a major factor. Liu Zuohu said that the (folding screen) must be at least 4500mAh. If this is not possible, 4200mAh will always work, and the battery below 4000mAh is not an option for OPPO to make products.

At the press conference, when OPPO Find N announced the price of 7,699 yuan, the audience was already boiling, pushing the press conference to its climax. OPPO Find N 8+256GB is priced at 7,699 yuan, and 12+512GB is priced at 8,999 yuan. The pre-sale was launched after the press conference. At the beginning of the group interview, some media claimed that the first batch of products had been sold out. Some media asked whether OPPO Find N’s price is so aggressive, besides sales, will there be parts shortages. Liu Zuohu said that this is what he is now worried about, and there may be a short supply (but I can't say enough).

"I think OPPO Find N must be a popular and popular product. Why was it an early adopter in the past, not a commonly used product? It is the issue of reliability and durability, including the price. Bring users a different folding screen experience.” In the interview, Liu Zuohu told the media that he hopes to promote the entire industry through OPPO Find N and truly enter a new era of smartphones.

"Users' pain points are solved, and the price is solved. The next step is for everyone to think more about whether there are more innovative experiences. If the entire industry chain and the entire industry join together, the folding screen market will soon change."

OPPO Find N's self-developed Seiko pseudo-vertical hinge contains 136 parts, and the machining accuracy of a single part is up to 0.01 mm. Compared with the traditional folding screen hinge solution, OPPO Find N is up to 80% lighter. The visual creases of the mobile phone can be effectively reduced when the mobile phone frame is closed seamlessly. At the press conference, Liu Zuohu gave a demonstration that OPPO Find N can clamp a piece of 4A paper, and the cost of this set of hinges Just over 100 dollars.

In terms of core configuration, OPPO Find N is equipped with Snapdragon 888 processor, equipped with LPDDR5, UFS3.1 storage specifications, has a 4500mAh battery, supports 33W wired fast charging, 15W wireless charging, 10W reverse wireless charging, and double Victus glass front and rear. Symmetrical stereo speakers, X axis linear motor.

OPPO Find N has three color schemes: "cloud", "starry night" and "floating light", which will be officially launched at 10:00 on December 23. In addition, OPPO also launched the OPPO Care+ service, which supports the entire machine’s accident insurance once a year, an extended warranty for one year, and a renewal of the battery once. The retail price is 2,999 yuan.

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