Longsys held the "Lexar Cup" Encrypted Hard Drive Cracking Challenge

According to Longsys official news, it is hosted by the network security public test platform, Shenzhen Longsys Electronics Co., Ltd., supported by the Investment Promotion Service Center of Lingang New Area, China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone Registration for the "Lexar Cup" Encrypted Hard Drive Cracking Challenge organized by the unit has now begun.

The test object of this challenge is Lexar HL260S encrypted mobile solid-state hard drive. The encrypted mobile hard disk consists of two parts, the host and the FileDog key. The appearance of the host is the same as that of a normal hard disk. The built-in space is divided into a public area and an encrypted hidden area. Testers can normally access the public area through a USB cable. The encrypted hidden area needs to be encrypted or decrypted with the FileDog key.

The organizer will store the original file data that has been hidden and encrypted in the product host, and the storage location is the encrypted hidden area. The FileDog key corresponding to the host will be kept in a closed and unified manner by the organizer. After successful registration, the tester will receive the host part of the HL260S encrypted mobile solid-state drive. Within the specified time, without relying on the FileDog key, the hidden partition file of the hard drive host can be cracked, and the cracking method is not limited.

The registration period is from December 27, 2021, to January 9, 2022. The event is divided into two challenges: "Completely cracking" and "Finding loopholes". Testers can register for the project through the network security crowd test platform. After the testers participating in the competition successfully register, the testers need to crack the HL260S encrypted mobile solid-state hard drive with their own equipment within 14 natural days. The first tester who completely cracks the original files in the hidden encrypted area of ​​the product host will receive a cash reward of up to 200,000 yuan; the security vulnerabilities discovered by the testers during the competition can be exchanged for a cash reward of up to 100,000 yuan based on the vulnerability level.

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