Meta’s first smart glasses have been updated

Meta (Facebook parent company) CEO Mark Zuckerberg published an official blog stating that Ray-Ban Storie's smart glasses allow users to send and receive Facebook Messenger messages when they are worn.

Ray-Ban Stories is the first smart glasses jointly developed by Meta and Luxottica, the parent company of the well-known glasses brand Ray-Ban. Its appearance is very similar to ordinary glasses.

Zuckerberg said that users can use the glasses' built-in microphone, speaker, and smart assistant to send messages, read messages aloud, and use Facebook Messenger for audio calls.

On September 9, 2021, Meta announced on its official website that the first smart glasses, Ray-Ban Stories, were released, priced at US$299. This is also the first product that Meta has cooperated with Luxottica for many years. Zuckerberg said that this feature update is just the beginning. He also promised to roll out more updates in 2022.

The frame of Ray-Ban Stories is equipped with two front cameras, and users can take videos and photos.

Secondly, there is a speaker on both sides of the frame, which can be connected via Bluetooth and play the sound of the mobile phone. The user can answer the call or listen to the content without taking out the mobile phone while wearing the glasses. At the same time, the built-in touchpad on the side of the frame can change the volume and playback settings.

Ray-Ban Stories can also be synchronized with a companion camera roll application called Facebook View, where users can edit clips and share them with other applications, as well as applications other than Meta.

There is also a raised button for recording on the glasses, the user can click to record the video.

Ray-Ban Storie's glasses can also act as wireless headsets, Zuckerberg said that the headset update will be further improved. If you don’t want to use the built-in touchpad in the frame, users can also control the volume and track playback by voice.

Turning Ray-Ban Stories into "Iron Man"-style communication devices may make them more popular with users as wearable technology.

In an interview with foreign media, Andrew Bosworth, Vice President of Meta Augmented and Virtual Reality, said that Meta believes that smart glasses will become the next smart wearable device after mobile phones, which is also part of Meta’s goal of building a meta-universe. . The well-known eyewear brand Luxottica's decision to cooperate with Meta may also be a leading offensive move in the upcoming smart glasses boom.

Whether smart glasses will take advantage of Meta's meta-universe east wind and become an important promoter of Zuckerberg's meta-universe layout is not yet known. However, Zuckerberg said that in 2022, Ray-Ban Stories will usher in a bigger update.

Although the craze for smart glasses is surging, the concealment of smart glasses may make it a tracking tool, and its broader privacy issues should also be taken seriously.

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