Notebook DDR5-4800 memory started to go on the market

Intel’s 12th-generation Core mobile processor and AMD Ryzen 6000 mobile processor will support DDR5 memory. Before the new generation of gaming laptops is launched, notebook DDR5 memory has begun to go on the market.

According to momomo_us news, a Japanese e-commerce company has launched DDR5-4800 memory, including Micron and SK Hynix versions. The 8GB*2 is priced at 17,578 yen, which is approximately RMB 1,000.

According to the website, the notebook DDR5 memory on sale is DDR5-4800 specification, CL40-39-39-77 timing at 1.1V. Since DDR5 memory has a built-in power management chip, its warranty period is 5 years, not the lifetime warranty of DDR4.

Some merchants on domestic e-commerce platforms have also put notebook DDR5 memory on the shelves, and the price is very different. It is expected that the price of notebook DDR5 memory will be normal after the new generation of notebooks is released.

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