NVIDIA RTX 2050 parameters announced

Nvidia released RTX 2050, MX 550, and MX 570 three notebook graphics cards. NVIDIA's official website has announced the parameters of RTX 2050. According to data from Nvidia's official website, the number of CUDA cores in the RTX 2050 is 2048, which is more than that of the RTX 2060, but the video memory is significantly reduced compared to the RTX 2060, with only 4GB 64bit GDDR6, and the bandwidth is only one-third of the RTX 2060. The power consumption of RTX 2050 is only 30-45W, which is more suitable for carrying high-performance thin and light notebooks.

Earlier that Nvidia said that the RTX 2050 is the latest product to join the GeForce RTX 20 series of notebooks. These brand new laptops are equipped with RT Core, Tensor Core, and NVIDIA Encoder encoders, and support ray tracing, NVIDIA DLSS, Reflex, and Broadcast functions. RTX 2050 can also work seamlessly with NVIDIA Optimus technology, allowing users to achieve the perfect balance between long battery life and optimal performance.

Notebooks equipped with RTX 2050 graphics cards are expected to be released at CES 2022.

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