OnePlus 9 series OxygenOS 12 is full of loopholes

OnePlus 9 series recently released the OxygenOS 12 update for Android 12 overseas, bringing several new features, including improved icons, three-level adjustable dark mode, and so on. However, it now seems that the update is not stable, full of errors and problems, and some users ask whether it is a stable version update.

According to wccftech reports, users of the OnePlus 9 series started to report a large number of problems after installing the OxygenOS 12 update, such as problems making or receiving calls, poor animation effects, unavailable autofill, and slow WiFi.

In addition, this update lacks the custom features that OxygenOS has been proud of since its launch . First, users can no longer individually change the icon, can't customize the status bar, and can't disable Google Feed. In addition, users cannot turn off the battery icon, etc., and the call recording App and advanced restart functions are also gone.

OxygenOS 12 has undergone multiple Beta tests before the stable version is available, and this situation shouldn't really happen.

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