Oversupply of semiconductors in 2023? Chairman of Power Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Recently, as the speed of expansion of major foundries has accelerated, many research institutions have stated that the semiconductor industry may have an oversupply by 2023. In this regard, Power Semiconductor’s chairman Huang Chongren refuted: “Analysts simply don’t know.”

According to Taiwanese media "Economic Daily", Huang Chongren believes that in the past, analysts only analyzed the demand for terminals such as PCs, laptops, mobile phones, and servers. However, the analysis and forecasting of the demand for new cars, smart cities, etc., "is basically inaccurate. " .

Huang Chongren further stated that unlike PCs, laptops, mobile phones, and servers that can expand production within a few months, it takes 5-6 years to build a semiconductor factory. The production capacity problem cannot be solved in a day or two. The current situation in the industry is The growth rate of demand exceeds the rate of plant construction.

He gave an example that in terms of a mature manufacturing process, the production capacity of automotive chips has never been planned because it is not known how much demand will be. "When it is suddenly requested, it is necessary to transfer another production capacity to automotive electronics, which will create uncertainty. "

Regarding the oversupply problem pointed out by analysts, Huang Chongren bluntly stated that UMC, TSMC, and Power Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. are fully loaded, "How can there be an oversupply? The appointments have been signed. This is clear, so I think the analysts are not clear about each. Companies."

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