Pegatron: Chip shortage may take at least two years to solve

Tong Zixian, chairman of Pegatron, said that it may take at least two years to solve the shortage of chips caused by the insufficient production capacity of 8-inch and mature processes.

According to the "Electronic Times" report, Tong Zixian said that the foundries have begun to implement capacity expansion projects, but their previous cautious attitude has led to a limited increase in overall 8-inch and mature process production. The surge in demand for electronic equipment cannot be met immediately because it will take a while for more foundry production capacity to go online.

Tong Zixian further pointed out that foundries are encouraging their IC design customers to migrate their products to 12-inch production line production because they face more difficulties in purchasing equipment to expand their 8-inch fab capacity. But there are still many design houses that are unwilling to transition to 12-inch wafer manufacturing.

In view of this, Tong Zixian believes that in the short term, the chip shortage will continue until 2022.

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