Qingyi Optoelectronics: Expected mass production of semi-transparent mask (HTM) products in the first half of next yea

Recently, Qingyi Optoelectronics stated in an investigation by investment institutions that Hefei Qingyi’s new production capacity is currently entering a climbing stage, and the equipment matching of the production line is relatively balanced, which is conducive to subsequent production capacity. Hefei Qingyi's production capacity is mainly aimed at mid-to-high-end products such as AMOLED / LTPS. With the production of the glue line, it is expected that the semi-permeable mask (HTM) products in the first half of next year will pass customer verification and achieve mass production.

It is understood that Qingyi Optoelectronics’ main fundraising project "Hefei Qingyi Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. 8.5-generation and below high-precision mask project" was built by Hefei Qingyi Optoelectronics to build a new mask production base in the Hefei New Station High-tech Industrial Development Zone. High-precision mask production lines of generation 8.5 and below meet the company's demand for capacity expansion. This project will increase the production capacity and accuracy of the company's mask products. The Hefei project was put into operation in April this year.

According to Qingyi Optoelectronics, Hefei Qingyi's positioning in the 8.5 generation line and the following products is mainly based on the following reasons:

1) From the perspective of the market demand for mask products, the market demand for high-precision masks of the 8.5 generation and below is expected to be greater. The main application terminal products of the 10th generation mask are TV display screens, industrial control displays, etc. Each set of TFTArray requires fewer masks, and the speed of terminal product replacement is relatively slow, and each set of masks has a relatively long service life. The downstream panel manufacturers have relatively few mold-opening requirements; while the main end products of the 6th generation AMOLED/LTPS masks are mobile phones, VR, AR, tablets and other fields. Each set of TFTArray requires a large number of masks, and the product is iterative Faster speed, shorter service cycle for each set of masks, and relatively more mold opening requirements;

2) Global 10th generation masks have overcapacity and prices continue to fall. According to OMDIA's statistical analysis in July 2021, the global supply of 10-generation masks in 2021 will far exceed demand, and the situation of oversupply may continue in the future; due to the global supply of 10-generation masks, the supply of 10-generation masks The price of film plates continues to decline, and the price in 2021 has dropped by about 60% compared with 2018;

3) The company is fully equipped with high-precision mask technology of generation 8.5 and below, and related products have been approved by customers and have been mass-produced and shipped. The company has strong technical reserves in the field of high-precision masks of 8.5 generations and below, and has obvious advantages in the delivery time;

4) There are more raw material suppliers for the 8.5 generation line and below than the 10 generation line. With more procurement channels, the company's bargaining power has been relatively enhanced, thereby further reducing material costs.

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