Razer launches MagSafe magnetic back clip

Razer launched a magnetic heat-dissipating back clip Razer Phone Chroma on December 7th, compatible with the MagSafe of Apple iPhone 12/13. This product has an RGB fan and a semiconductor cooling chip, which can actively dissipate heat for the phone, and comes with RGB lighting effects.

The principle of this heat dissipation back clamp is similar to the version of the Android phone. The fan has 7 blades, the speed is 6400rpm , and the maximum noise is 30dB. The product adopts Type-C interface for power supply, and also supports Bluetooth connection, which is convenient for users to adjust the fan color, speed, etc. through the App.

Razer Phone Chroma cooling back clip is equipped with 12 RGB lights, and users can customize the light effects according to personal preferences. The supporting App requires the mobile phone system to be iOS 12 or above, and a power cord with a length of 1.5m is standard . The product has been on sale on Razer's overseas official website and is available in stock. The product price is 59.99 US dollars, or about 382 yuan.

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