Sairui launches Aerox3 wireless hole mouse

According to official news from Sairui, Aerox3 wireless hole mouse is now officially on sale, and the new product of is priced at 599 yuan. Aerox 3 wireless Snow gaming mouse adopts a white matte finish and a unique hollow hole design, reaching 68g of ultra-lightweight. This mouse is equipped with the new Quantum 2.0 wireless technology, which can transmit data wirelessly at a faster speed, and is more stable, reliable, and power-saving; it supports ultra-low latency gaming-grade 2.4GHz wireless connection and Bluetooth connection.

According to the official, this mouse is equipped with about 80 million life-span microswitches (3 times that of ordinary gaming mice), upgraded dustproof and waterproof functions, and can be triggered normally even in harsh environments, and effectively avoid double-clicks and other situations.

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