Samsung Electronics will showcase C-Lab 13 innovative technologies at CES 2022

Samsung Electronics announced today that it will showcase 13 innovative technologies of its C-Lab project at CES 2022. This project consists of two parts, namely the internal venture capital plan C-Lab Inside and the start-up acceleration plan C-Lab Outside. It currently contains nine start-up companies.

C-Lab Inside started in December 2012. Since then, Samsung has been cultivating employees' innovative ideas and delivering a corporate culture that puts creativity first. The plan supports ideas and innovations in all business areas. Since 2015, Samsung has been supporting the C-Lab project with huge market potential and encouraging the split of the project into start-up companies.

Since 2016, Samsung has been exhibiting the C-Lab Inside project in Eureka Park. During the exhibition, customers will learn about these Samsung projects, and some will transform their applications.

  • The four C-Lab Inside projects to be exhibited include:
  • Piloto: Can help children develop the correct habits of using smartphones.
  • PROBA: An AI-based online exam system for administrators, candidates, and supervisors.
  • Innovision: A mobile device for early detection of infant strabismus, which can be used in kindergartens.
  • ZamStar: A smart electric guitar that can display LEDs on the bar, making it easier to learn guitar.

C-Lab Outside

This plan was created in October 2018 to support new companies and aims to revitalize South Korea's entrepreneurial ecosystem. Companies participating in the program have the opportunity to obtain office space, guidance from Samsung employees and experts, participate in global IT industry exhibitions, and obtain financing.

C-Lab Outside plans to exhibit at CES 2022 including:

  • Petnow: A pet biometric solution based on artificial intelligence.
  • Digisonic: A 3D immersive audio solution for mobile devices.
  • Verses: An interactive metaverse music application.
  • bitsensing: A series of imaging radar technology solutions for autonomous driving and smart cities.
  • SELECTSTAR: an artificial intelligence-based data collection and labeling platform.
  • RGT Inc.: Multifunctional modular service robot.
  • MoreDream Inc.: An input system used to improve the accessibility and productivity of the visually impaired.
  • Yellowknife: A customized platform for vehicle display.
  • MONIT: Smart diaper care solution for elderly patients.

The 9 start-up companies spun off from C-Lab also plan to set up their own booths at CES 2022.

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