Samsung will invest USD 850 million to expand the production of FC-BGA chip substrates

Samsung will invest US$850 million in Vietnam to expand the production of FC-BGA chip substrates. This production line is expected to be completed in 2023.

TheElec reported in September 2021 that Samsung will spend 1.1 trillion won to expand the production of semiconductor substrates. Among them, FC-BGA is mainly used for CPUs for servers and PCs, while FC-CSP is mainly used for mobile processors for smartphones.

Sources said that Samsung Electro-Mechanics will produce FC-BGA for PC and network-related processors, and the customer is likely to be Intel. The company may also produce flexible printed circuit boards (RFPCBs) at a factory in Vietnam.

A Samsung Electro-Mechanics spokesperson stated that the company plans to use its Vietnamese subsidiary as a production base for FC-BGA, and its factories in Fushan and Suwon, South Korea, will be used for research and production of high-end FC-BGA.

The purpose of expanding this type of substrate factory is to respond to the increasing global demand for film hunting. Samsung Electro-Mechanics will compete with other peers to win orders from chip giants.

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