Sony released colorful color matching PS5 host shell

Sony officially launched a batch of new color-matched PS5 protective cases today, available in five colors: Stardust Red, Starlight Blue, Galaxy Purple, Star Fantasy Pink, and Midnight Black. According to reports, these new shells are beautiful and easy to use. Users can easily remove the original shell of the PS5 and install a new shell. This shell is suitable for CD-ROM version PS5 and digital version PS5, sold separately from the PS5 game console and DualSense controller.

In addition, Sony also released the DualSense handle with colorful colors. The new colors include star blue, galaxy purple, and star powder. Sony said that the latest color-matched DualSense controller will be available globally through cooperative retailers on January 14, 2022.

Midnight Black and Stardust Red PS5 mainframe shells will be available for sale at partner retailers in Hong Kong, China from January 21, 2022. Xinghuafen, Galaxy Purple and Starlight Blue PS5 mainframe shells will also be launched in Hong Kong, China. Sony also plans to launch PS5 console shells in more regions in 2022.

The price of the PS5 shell with the new color is 428 Hong Kong dollars (approximately RMB 349), and the price of the DualSense handle with the new color is 588 Hong Kong dollars (approximately RMB 479).

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