Sony Technology Day announced eight "black technologies"

 According to official sources from Sony China, the Sony Group Corporation held the " Sony Technology Day " event on December 6-8, local time, which showcased Sony's various "black technologies" online. With the theme of " Technology that Stimulates Emotions, " this event introduced the following eight technologies that connect the various businesses of the Sony Group and support the company's development.

Sony is positioned as a "creative entertainment company built on a solid technological foundation", and its corporate mission is "to move the world with the power of creativity and technology." At the opening ceremony of the event, Toru Katsumoto, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Sony Group, said: “I hope to take the lead in uniting the many different businesses of the Sony Group through talents and technology. To further develop our products, content, and services."

The following are eight technical details:

1. Virtual production using Crystal LED and movie camera-to stimulate the creativity of creators

Virtual production is a general term for a new video production technology, which combines real-time live video and computer graphics (CG) together in real-time. Through "In-Camera VFX"-a form of virtual production, the 3D CG image linked with the movement of the camera is used as the background and projected on the set LED screen behind the performer. This allows creators to get rid of the hassle of high CG composition requirements in traditional green screen shooting, as well as the constraints of weather, time, and location.

Crystal LED (Crystal LED) is a kind of LED display, which combines Sony's unique LED control technology and continuously refined BRAVIA® series signal processing technology to project high-definition images with high brightness and wide viewing angles with shocking real effects. The digital cinema camera "VENICE 2" is equipped with a newly developed 8.6K image sensor, which brings high-resolution, wide-color gamut rich details, and can show a rich sense of layering even under various levels of brightness. This combination of scene display and lens in the studio complements each other in terms of color reproduction and tone expression, making more realistic content production possible.

2. E-sports tracking system and data visualization technology-visualize all performances

The event also focused on SkeleTRACK, the e-sports tracking system (EPTS) used by the Sony Group company "Eagle Eye Innovation" in the football field. The system captures the movement information of the players and the game ball from the real-time video stream shot by a dedicated tracking camera and collects bone data in real-time, which can be accurate to the millimeter level. Eagle Eye's "virtual reconstruction" data visualization technology is also used to process data obtained from EPTS and video playback systems for virtual output.

Hawkeye's constantly improving advanced image processing technology, artificial intelligence recognition technology, combined with Sony's professional broadcast output capabilities and image sensor technology, converts the entire game, including the details of the player's movements, into data information, transforming the game that could not be captured before. Performance visualization. In the future, the goal of Sony Group and Eagle Eye Innovation is to apply this technology to contribute to various entertainment businesses, not just in the field of sports.

3. OLED micro-display and low-latency head-mounted display-sharing a shocking and realistic experience

This VR head-mounted display (HMD) can achieve a high resolution of 4K for a single eye and 8K for both eyes. This Sony device uses a self-developed OLED microdisplay, which integrates data from multiple sensors, reducing the latency of the entire system, thereby reducing processing time. Users can experience high-definition images in real-time by moving their heads. In addition to industrial applications, OLED microdisplays are expected to be used in the entertainment field because it can display the texture of materials and human expressions in real-time as the viewer moves his head.

4. Use super-resolution technology in ray tracing-balance high resolution and production efficiency

This technology utilizes the expertise accumulated in image development using machine learning since the 1990s to maximize performance under limited computing resources and can shoot various scenes with high resolution and high accuracy at different angles and high-quality Images. For 3D content that contains a lot of data, by reducing the number of rays used and rendering images based on information such as character shape, texture, and lighting, production time is expected to be reduced by hundreds of times. This development work was carried out in cooperation with Sony Pictures Entertainment, reflecting the wishes of the creators, aiming to expand the application range from 2D to 3D and develop a wide range of usage scenarios in the entertainment field.

5. Three technologies used by PlayStation®5"-to achieve an amazing sense of immersion

This event also introduced three technologies used by PlayStation®5. Tempest 3D audio, haptic feedback, and adaptive trigger.

Tempest 3D audio uses a DSP (Digital Single Processor) design to achieve extremely precise audio positioning. The sound is transmitted 360 degrees from all directions and surrounds the listener as if being in a spherical space with countless speakers. Tactile feedback can change the vibration of the newly developed dual brakes according to the situation in the game, realize various tactile responses, and provide an immersive experience. In addition, the adaptive trigger used by the L2/R2 button of the DualSense™ wireless controller, through a small precision gear and a built-in high-torque motor, can produce a powerful real-time tactile feedback experience for the actions in the game. Sony Interactive Entertainment will continue to develop these technologies and is committed to "providing the best gaming venue for everyone."

The Sony PS5 combined with the PlayStation PULSE 3D headset can implement Tempest 3D audio technology. This headset is currently priced at 688 yuan.

6. Stacked SPAD ranging sensor for vehicle lidar-high-precision detection from light particles

The event also introduced some sensors that can detect the distance of surrounding objects with high accuracy under low light sources. These sensors are mainly composed of three elements: SPAD ( Single Photon Avalanche Diode ) pixels that capture light sources and convert them into electrical signals, copper-copper connections that transmit these signals, and logic chips (containing distance measurement information from the signals). Circuit). By taking advantage of the advantages accumulated during the development of Sony CMOS image sensors, these sensors rely on only a small and compact chip to achieve high-speed and high-precision ranging from short to long distances. The Sony Group is committed to helping build a safe and secure travel society by advancing the evolution of lidar in detection and identification.

7. Manipulator-Reproduce the exquisiteness of human hands

This technology is based on the detection of changes in the pressure distribution on the fingertips and real-time detection of signs of possible slippage of objects , allowing the robot to carefully hold unknown objects. With this technology, the robot's hand can grasp the object without falling by properly adjusting its strength. In addition, the distance measuring sensor can detect the distance from the finger to the object, so the robot can grasp the object in an appropriate position and posture. Because the manipulator can grasp objects as delicately as a human hand, it is expected to help humans in new areas where it is difficult to introduce traditional industrial robots. Sony combines artificial intelligence and advanced sensing technology with robots to enhance the capabilities of manipulators and continue to develop robotic technology that enriches people's lives.

8. Earth "MIMAMORI Platform"-Watching the Earth

If this system can be implemented, it will be able to detect abnormal signs anywhere on the planet, such as environmental problems and disasters, and prevent them before they occur. The system will urge humans to move in a sustainable manner by alerting potential abnormalities in advance. The system will include many technologies of the Sony Group, such as a soil moisture sensor capable of measuring moisture content ; ELTRES™, a satellite communication system using LPWA (Low Power Wide Area Network) wireless communication technology; and complex predictive data analysis technology using artificial intelligence . Sony plans to continue to work hard to realize this platform through field visits and demonstration experiments, so as to help build a more sustainable future.

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