TCL: In 2022, it will focus on large-screen TVs of 75 inches or more

According to TCL official news, at the recent Digital Ecological Conference, Lu Chunshui, deputy general manager of TCL Industry China Marketing Division, revealed that in 2022, TCL will focus on large-screen TVs with more than 75 inches and launch 3 Large series of Mini LED products with 4 sizes, 7 product lines, and 18 styles.

According to TCL, in the 40th week of 2021, TCL’s 70-inch and above color TV retail sales accounted for 20.2%, a year-on-year increase of 23.8% and a month-on-month increase of 192.7%. According to TCL, 65 inches has become the main selling size this year, and 75 inches and above will be a hot spot for consumption next year. From June to October 2021, the cumulative sales of 98-inch and above super-large screens were 32,230 units. Among them, TCL's sales of 8,709 units far surpassed other brands, ranking first in the industry.

TCL was the first in the industry to conduct Mini LED R&D and became the first company to achieve mass production of Mini LED TV in 2019. In March of this year, TCL released the world’s first OD Zero Mini LED smart screen-TCL X12 8K Mini LED Xingyao smart screen new product, which is also the world’s thinnest Mini LED smart screen and the Mini LED smart screen with the most LED chips.

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