The main production bases of TSMC's 5nm and 3nm processes are Fab 18

According to media reports, people in the industry chain revealed last week that TSMC’s 3nm process technology has begun trial production and will be mass-produced in the fourth quarter of next year. According to the news from TSMC’s official website, their main production base for the 3nm process will be its 18th wafer fab.

Fab 18 is one of the six 12-inch ultra-large fabs currently owned by TSMC. The other 5 are Fab 12 A, Fab 12 B, Fab 14 and Fab 15 Fab and Fab 16

In addition, information from TSMC’s official website shows that the Fab 18 is also the main production base for the 5nm process.

Although the 7nm process is still TSMC’s largest source of revenue, with the increase in the production capacity of the 5nm process and more manufacturers turning to the 5nm process, 5nm will replace the 7nm process in the future and become TSMC’s largest source for a certain period of time. Source of revenue. There will also be a large number of orders for the more advanced 3nm process. After the mass production of the 3nm process, the Fab 18, which is the main production base of TSMC’s 5nm and 3nm processes, will account for a considerable proportion of TSMC’s revenue.

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