The physical image of the original Intel 12th-generation Core radiator RM1 exposed

Intel’s Alder Lake-based radiator for 65W CPU may be true. The whistleblower momomo_us released the physical map of the RM1 radiator, which is the same as the Laminar RM1 that had been leaked in September.

As you can see from the picture, the new original radiator is indeed more cool than the existing original radiator, with a blue light strip on the top. It was previously reported that the radiator is suitable for processors with a TDP of 65W, and may be used for the upcoming non-K series, including Laminar RH1, RM1, and RS1. The RM1 radiator is expected to be matched with a Core i7 65W processor.

Intel is expected to announce its 65W and 35W Alder Lake-S processors and H670 / B660 and H610 motherboards at the CES 2022 press conference on January 4. 

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