Vivo announces a press conference in India on January 5 next year

According to Vivo's official Twitter, today, Vivo announced that it will hold a V23 series conference in India on January 5, 2022. According to reports, Vivo will launch two mobile phones at the conference, namely V23 and V23 Pro, both of which will be equipped with a color-changing backplane. The V23 series of mobile phones will become India's first smartphone with this feature.

Vivo said that when exposed to sunlight or other artificial ultraviolet sources, the color of the glass will change. However, only Sunshine Gold models of V23 and V23 Pro will have this feature.

According to previous reports, the Vivo V23 will be equipped with three cameras, the main camera is 64MP, while the main camera of the Vivo V23 Pro is 108MP, and the Vivo V23 Pro will also use a curved screen.

The vivo official has not yet announced more parameters and prices of the Vivo V23 series, but as the January 5 press conference approaches, more information will be announced.

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