Vivo’s original system, OriginOS Ocean officially released

Vivo officially released the original system OriginOS Ocean this evening, bringing new UI design and functions. 

Digital revolution

Vivo said that today, the presentation and interaction of the digital world are becoming more and more the same, but it should be more changeable and full of fun. For this reason, Origin Design rethinked and reconstructed all of this, bringing about a brand new revolution.

The original system OriginOS Ocean is equipped with a more personalized Atom Walkman, which can be used at any time on the lock screen or other interfaces.

Vivo maintains in-depth cooperation with content platforms such as QQ Music, Kugou Music, NetEase Cloud Music, Himalaya, etc., to provide users with a more comprehensive music experience.

New call interface

In the original system OriginOS Ocean, unfamiliar calls and contacts in the address book will be displayed in different call interfaces.

Users can also set up a dedicated call interface for family and friends to help users identify the importance of calls at a glance.

Emergency call

The original system OriginOS Ocean uses the " three-channel information transmission " method for the first time in the industry. The emergency call information is transmitted to the callee through phone calls, text messages, and flash messages. At the same time, the geographic location of the caller is immediately displayed, and the maximum ringtone and Vibrate to ensure that this extremely important call is not missed.

Atomic reading

The original system OriginOS Ocean restores the reading pleasure and recording habits in real life to the digital world, with the ability to continue reading at breakpoints, providing a more immersive and smooth reading experience.

The system also conducted in-depth cooperation with Zhu Zhiwei, the artistic director of the Hanyi font library, and made detailed optimizations on typesetting, word spacing, and background.


The original system OriginOS Ocean combines a series of features such as level gauge, anti-shake state, focal length change, exposure contrast, etc., with the focus ring, allowing users to better confirm the shooting status.

In addition, users only need to move their fingers to adjust real-time effects in the viewfinder, making every swipe full of surprises.

Super Card Pack

The Super Card Pack is perfectly integrated with the small window, so you can pay smoothly without leaving the current page. On models equipped with large-area ultrasonic fingerprint technology, you don’t even need to unlock the screen. Put your finger to directly call up the payment QR code, realizing one-click payment in the true sense.

Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory

The original system OriginOS Ocean's human-computer interaction modes such as the lock screen system, main screen system, system architecture, and atomic notification have ushered in a comprehensive evolution.

Origin lock screen

In the original system OriginOS Ocean, Vivo integrates more functions into the lock screen. Drag the button to the fingerprint area to quickly open various applications and services. Users can also customize common functions on the lock screen, even transparency and fingerprint styles.

Origin main screen

The original system OriginOS Ocean can flexibly adjust the icon size on the Origin main screen. The new folder can not only carry icons and atomic components of different sizes, but also customize the color and name, change the size, and add a "temporary storage area" to enjoy the desktop as you like.

Ocean Live Wallpaper

OriginOS teamed up with the Star Trek special effects team to create a new live wallpaper, which establishes a connection with the interval of each screen on, presenting a constantly changing wave shape.

Atomic component system

OriginOS continues to open up component capabilities, and cooperates with Tencent Video, Weibo, Taobao, WPS, etc., to launch different interactive components. The detailed display can be viewed in the video below.

Control center

The original system OriginOS Ocean has a brand new visual design for the control center. In addition to the original function control, battery information, network status, and sensitive permissions are now clear at a glance.

Multi-window interactive system

The original system OriginOS Ocean has improved multi-window interaction. Swipe inward at the bottom left corner of the application interface to easily evoke the small window.

It can also be easily attached to the side and dragged to the top or bottom of the screen to display it in a split-screen with the current application.

Interaction pool

The original system, OriginOS Ocean, adds the gesture definitions of Atomic Walkman and small windows on the original basis of the interactive pool, providing more choices for users who love music and are accustomed to using multiple windows.


The new deformer brings more powerful personalization capabilities, which is the new feature Material You of Android 12. Users can combine and match icons, wallpapers, including global system styles. The simple icon style also adds a new color-changing ability that can follow the color of the wallpaper.

Atomic notification system

Atomic notification expands more diversified services, appears on the status bar in a lighter form, uses richer colors, and improves the efficiency of information recognition. Make important information more important and light information lighter.

Original system architecture

The original system OriginOS Ocean has a solid, stable, smooth, and safe system architecture, which provides a reliable foundation for users to explore the digital world.

Memory slimming

The smooth experience of the system stems from the continuous optimization of system resource management strategies. "Memory thinning" can reduce some unnecessary processes and allocate the saved memory space to applications that need it more.

Memory fusion

On the basis of memory slimming, memory fusion technology has also been comprehensively upgraded, which greatly improves the experience of background multi-application scenarios, and can achieve a maximum increase of 50% in storage.

Atomic Motion Engine

Based on the new atomic motion engine, the animation can respond to the latest operation instructions at any time, can be interrupted and redirected. 

When the animation changes, it always inherits the speed of the last movement, which conforms to the real object turning effect, and the transition effect is smooth and natural.

Instantaneous start-stop

When the application retreats to the background, the system allocates resources according to the usage scenario, allowing the application to freeze in the background with a lower memory footprint and power consumption, so as to achieve more application resident. When you reopen the background application after a period of time, you can return to the previous page.

Transparent and controllable

When there are three types of privacy permissions: camera, recording, and positioning, the system will prompt on the right side of the status bar. You can also slide down to enter the control center to view specific information and quickly close the application. Transparent and controllable, safe and worry-free.

Atomic Privacy System

This is a system-level privacy security solution. Swipe left on the Dock bar to pass the identity verification, and you can enter your private space.

After storing important information here, the system will protect your privacy and security layer by layer by means of owner identification, hardware-level encryption, and other means.

Other improvements

Atomic notes

The original system, OriginOS Ocean, is equipped with atomic notes that use fingertip interaction. You can complete mobile editing by long pressing, dragging, sliding, and other fingertip operations on the phone, and you can also release inspiration on the small screen.

Atomic Note has a rich built-in effect package, and you can make excellent works in a few simple steps.

Quantum Kit

Quantum Suite breaks the physical boundaries between mobile phones and computers and supports multi-window collaborative editing, drag-and-drop files, and cross-device file transfer.

Health Research Institute

The "Health Research Institute" is committed to providing professional health services to everyone through multiple research centers such as "sub-health", "chronic diseases", "children's growth", and "barrier-free".

Sub-Health Research Center

The Sub-Health Research Center has been paying attention to the details of life that will affect personal health, and strive to convey a healthier lifestyle.

Omron Health

OriginOS has joined hands with the health brand Omron Health to bring a new way of blood pressure management.

The connection between the mobile phone and the sphygmomanometer is more convenient. After connecting, you can see recent blood pressure data and trends, and mark abnormal data.

Barrier-free care

In order to provide people with disabilities with a better accessibility experience, OriginOS has made 419 optimizations to 20 system modules and will continue to cooperate with the "Information Accessibility Research Association" to help people with disabilities share numbers equally world.

Child Growth Center

OriginOS has in-depth cooperation with Xiaotiancai to make it easier for parents to view dynamics such as the power and location information of their children's watches through components. In addition, through the "child guard" component, parents can intuitively understand the light and posture of the child when using the machine, and help the child develop good habits.

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