Wingtech: At present, the company has established a core competitive barrier for the development of IGBT business

Wingtech Technology stated on the investor interaction platform that the company has established core competition barriers for the company's development of IGBT business in terms of R&D, production capacity, process, and customer resources. In terms of research and development, its subsidiary Anshi has established a China R&D center, formed a high-tech technical team, and continuously increased R&D investment; in terms of production capacity layout, the acquisition of Newport fab with automotive-grade IGBT process capability is beneficial to this business Rapid expansion of production capacity in the future; for future customers, in addition to continuing to leverage the advantages of existing customer resources (customers for existing products involve automotive, mobile and wearable equipment, industrial and power, computer equipment, consumer and other fields of the world’s top manufacturers With service providers), after acquiring Anshi, the listed company also used the channel resources of the mobile terminal business to help Anshi introduce new energy vehicle customers and electricity customers in China.

Wingtech Technology is mainly engaged in technology research and development related to mobile communications, semiconductors, electronic components and materials. The main products are smart terminals such as mobile phones, tablet computers, notebook computers, servers, and automotive electronics; semiconductors, new electronic components; optical modules Group.

From the perspective of automobile intelligence, Wingtech has established cooperative relationships with many OEMs, tier1, chip suppliers and other upstream and downstream ecological chains in terms of smart cockpits, intelligent networking and autonomous driving. Wingtech said, At present, the company's first smart cockpit product has successfully passed customer review and entered the prototype stage. In addition, Wingtech has also launched an autonomous driving domain controller, the first 4G in-vehicle communication module product, etc. Wingtech’s goal is to become a pre-installed vehicle-level solution provider for smart cars and smart travel in the automotive electronics industry, providing customers with a complete set of solutions from software to hardware to manufacturing (including but not limited to smart cockpits, smart Research and development of innovative products in the field of networking and autonomous driving).

Wingtech Technology stated that in the future, it will seize the development opportunities of 5G, electric vehicles, and the Internet of Things, continue to promote the production capacity and product layout of ODM business, and expand from the consumer field to the industrial, IOT, and automotive electronics fields, and increase investment. Transform from a service-oriented company to a product company, and strive to create greater value for shareholders.

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