Xiaomi has officially announced that the three models of the Mi 12 series and MIUI 13

 Xiaomi has officially announced that the three models of the Mi 12 series and MIUI 13 will all be released on December 28, and the Mi 12 series will be pre-installed with MIUI 13. According to reports, the core appeal of Xiaomi MIUI 13 is "smoothness", so this time it has made great progress in this area. It is said that thanks to the breakthrough in the underlying core technology of the operating system, compared to the enhanced version of MIUI12.5, the fluency of MIUI 13 is increased by 15%~52%, the fluency of system applications is increased by 20%~26%, and multiple high-frequency usage scenarios The frame drop rate dropped by more than 90%. Coupled with Focus Computing 2.0 + liquid storage + atomic memory, after 36 months of continuous use, the phone's read and write performance degrades by less than 5%.

The founder, chairman, and CEO of Xiaomi; Chairman of Kingsoft; Lei Jun, an angel investor, said earlier that Xiaomi 12 and MIUI 13 will be released soon, and slogan is "faster and more stable", meaning that Xiaomi 12 runs faster and MIUI 13 is more stable.

Lei Jun is now releasing a questionnaire asking netizens what they expect for the next generation of MIUI 13. But considering that MIUI 13 has been basically completed, it is expected that the several areas he has given are the directions that Xiaomi engineers have been working on, and may even be completed.

Lei Jun believes that the top priority for Xiaomi MIUI 13 is "smooth, no stuck", and "good-looking and easy-to-use interaction", "enhanced privacy and security", "more new features", "less bugs, faster bug fixes" are also all Very important aspect.

Judging from the choices of tens of thousands of fans, MIUI 13 should first ensure smoothness and non-blocking, followed by BUG issues. It seems that Xiaomi is still confident in Xiaomi's new generation of MIUI, and it is worth looking forward to.
Wang Hua, the general manager of Xiaomi’s public relations department, previously posted the "Xiaomi 12" tail on Weibo, and said that he has used MIUI 13, and the system should be packaged within these two days . In other words, the Mi 12 series will be pre-installed with the MIUI 13 system, and other models are expected to be gradually upgraded after the Mi 12 series is released.

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