Xiaomi Mijia high-speed hair dryer H700 is on sale

Xiaomi launched the Mijia high-speed hairdryer H700 on December 14 with an aluminum alloy body and LCD color screen. The retail price is 799 yuan. Today, Mijia high-speed hairdryer H700 goes on sale in all channels at an event price of 749 yuan.

According to reports, the Mijia high-speed hairdryer H700 adopts an aluminum alloy body, with sandblasting secondary oxidation and LCD high-definition color screen, and supports magnetic installation of nozzles.

The hairdryer has a wind speed of 70 m/s, a 102,000 rpm motor, and a quick-drying dual air duct design. 80% of the air volume is sucked in from the rear air inlet, and 20% of the air volume flows in from the bottom of the handle, advancing more than 17 liters of air per second.

In addition, Mijia high-speed hair dryer H700 also supports 100 times per second intelligent temperature control technology to prevent hair from overheating and damage, with 6 blowing modes, including 2 wind speeds and 3 wind temperatures.

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