Xiaomi Wang Teng shows up at Xiaomi’s home in Henan township

In November, Redmi Product Director Wang Teng of Xiaomi announced on Weibo that he would no longer be responsible for product-related work and would take turns to serve in the Henan branch. Today, Wang Teng posted on Weibo a Xiaomi home that had just opened in Xindianpu Town, Xinye County, Nanyang City, Henan Province.

In his Weibo comments, Wang Teng stated that the Xiaomi home in Nanyang will continue to be covered and that this type of township store requires an investment of about 150,000, mainly for goods.

Wang Teng once stated that 51 new Xiaomi stores opened simultaneously in Henan. Newly opened stores include: 7 stores in Zhengzhou City, 2 stores in Luoyang City, 6 stores in Nanyang City, 1 store in Xuchang City, 2 stores in Zhoukou City, 1 store in Xinxiang City, 6 stores in Shangqiu City, 4 stores in Zhumadian City, 4 stores in Xinyang City , 2 in Pingdingshan City, 4 in Kaifeng City, 2 in Anyang City, 5 in Jiaozuo City, 2 in Puyang City, 1 in Luohe City, and 2 in Sanmenxia City.

Wang Teng said that Xiaomi has been looking for a new model of offline operation, no longer relying on the high margins of the store to win through the sales of the store sales staff, but relying on the trust of users to sell, so it opened at the same time as its peers closed. More Mi Homes.

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