Xiaomi Watch S1 smart watch will be released together with Xiaomi 12 series


Xiaomi today announced that the new Xiaomi Watch S1 series will be released together with the Xiaomi 12 series on December 28.

  • Xiaomi Watch S1, a new series, will be officially released soon!
  • S series, regard exquisiteness as the standard;
  • From the outside to the inside, refresh yourself in an all-round way;
  • The outside is the same, and every detail is carefully polished;
  • Regardless of daily life or various occasions, he is relaxed, confident, and powerful.
  • At 19:30 on December 28th, Xiaomi Mi Watch S1 will be on the stage

Xiaomi smart watches currently on sale include Redmi watches and Xiaomi Watch Color 2. The former is priced at 299 yuan and the latter is 999 yuan. The new series is expected to have a higher positioning.

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