Ziguang Guowei: The smart security chip foundry capacity continues to be in short supply

Ziguang Guowei stated on the investor interaction platform that the company's main business sectors are still in short supply, especially for smart security chips, whose foundry capacity continues to be in short supply. The company is actively coordinating various resources to ensure order delivery.

It is understood that Ziguang Guowei is one of the largest listed IC design companies in China. The company’s smart chip products and solutions cover digital security, smart computing, power and power management, etc., and are widely used in smart networking, smart cities, and smart Finance, smart life and other fields. Ziguang Anxin's smart door lock products and solutions have been launched in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Wuhan, Chengdu, and other provinces and cities, covering diversified scenarios such as public rental housing, smart campus, and smart park.

At present, Ziguang Guowei’s supercar core series products and solutions have successfully entered multiple automotive subdivisions such as car-level general-purpose security chips and car-level crystal oscillators. Among them, Ziguang Guowei’s Uni-core's hardware based on security chips Solution T9 product series, covering T95, T97, and other product models, adopting mature commercial safety algorithms and world-class safety protection technology, with industrial-grade and automotive-grade specifications, safety grades up to Evita medium standards, typical application scenarios Including Internet of Vehicles secure storage and secure communication, certificate chain storage, data encryption, car-side V2X encryption, identity authentication, digital car keys, etc., which can help intelligent networked vehicles and new energy vehicles create a good and safe driving environment.

In addition, Ziguang Guowei's car-level security chip solution has been imported into many well-known car companies and has been supplied in batches. The research and development and industrialization of high-end security chips and on-board controller chips for convertible bond fundraising projects have been carried out smoothly, which will bring new impetus to future development.

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