Advan: Chip wafer testing equipment has been delivered for more than half a year

Advantest held a media exchange meeting. Wu Wankun, chairman and general manager of the company's Taiwan region, said that the current equipment delivery time is at least half a year, and the chip shortage problem is expected to gradually ease by the fourth quarter. It is estimated that the 2nm advanced process is expected to be trial-produced in 2024 and mass-produced in 2025, which will drive the demand for test equipment to resume growth momentum.

Regarding the status of semiconductor long and short materials, Wu Wankun said that the number of semiconductor components used in the commercial use of test equipment is not large, but the priority of semiconductor manufacturing is at a disadvantage, so the supply is still tight, and it is expected that the shortage will be available from the end of the third quarter to the fourth quarter. Gradually eased, the current test equipment delivery period is at least half a year.

Regarding the layout of advanced wafer testing equipment, Wu Wankun pointed out that the complexity of 3nm testing is mainly due to the increase in the complexity of high-performance computing (HPC) chip design and the prolonged testing time, which has led to an increase in the demand for testing equipment. It is expected that related equipment will continue to be prepared this year. next year.

The market's demand for test equipment in 2023-2024 is expected to slow down. Wu Wankun said that it is mainly affected by the advancement of advanced processes. It is expected that the 2nm advanced process may be trial-produced in 2024, and mass production will fall in 2025. Amity Wanzai's advanced chip testing equipment can be extended to the 2nm advanced process, which is expected to drive the demand for testing equipment to resume growth momentum.

In the compound semiconductor testing section, Wu Wankun said that Advantest is cooperating with international manufacturers in the field of silicon carbide (SiC), and currently, there is no relevant cooperation with Taiwanese manufacturers, mainly because there is not much demand, and it is necessary to achieve substantial quantities. It takes a while to produce.

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