Apple Watch 'Light of Unity' dial launched

Apple Apple Watch launched a dial called " Unity Light ", inspired by Afro-futurism, the hour and minute hands will emit light to illuminate the dial, with red, green, and black and white. colors. According to reports, the "Light of Unity" dial is designed with 2D ray tracing technology, which is the first time this technology has been applied to a dial. Each pixel on the screen simulates the light and shadow falling on the dial, and the movement of the hands reveals and blocks light in real-time, dynamically changing with the time of day.

The Light of Unity dial can be customized to fill the entire screen or appear as a circular dial, including black and white options, hour and minute markers, up to four complications, and a text stamp option.

From the pictures posted by IT House netizen  @taytay13, it can be seen that the black and white version of the dial can be matched with a silver strap, and you can try it yourself.

In addition, Apple has launched a "Black Solidarity" woven single-loop watch strap corresponding to the dial, priced at 779 yuan, available in 41mm and 45mm versions.

According to reports, the Black Unity woven single-loop strap was designed by the African-American creative people in the Apple team to pay tribute to the historical culture of the African-American ethnic group; its design was inspired by Afro-futurism, which aims to explore the African ethnic group. The development of the descendants, the art form is to show their science, technology, and self-improvement. This product is a tribute to every generation of African-Americans, recognized or not, and symbolizes a strong belief in making the world more equal.

The color of the strap is taken from the Pan-African tricolor flag. It is made of 16,000 recycled polyester yarn filaments wrapped with ultra-fine silicone filaments, interlaced with a precision knitting machine, and then laser-cut to get the exact length. Achieve a tailored fit. It's soft, tactile, and resistant to sweat and water. In addition, the buckle of the strap is laser-etched exclusively for Black Unity.

Apple said that in celebration of Black History Month , Apple will feature black-owned stores, honor the innovative achievements of black people, and highlight black voices through a series of exclusive content and curated anthologies. Starting today, customers can also download a special edition "Light of Unity" watch face and order the new Apple Watch "Black Solidarity" Woven Solo Loop.

Encyclopedia information:

The annual Black History Month celebrates the accomplishments of black Americans overcoming all odds and celebrates the important role blacks have played in the development of American history.

Formerly known as Black History Week, the event was co-sponsored by historian Carter G. Woodson and a number of other prominent black men. Since 1976, successive U.S. presidents have designated February as Black History Month each year. Other countries, such as Canada and the United Kingdom, followed the example of the United States to designate a month for similar celebrations.

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