Canon China Ishii Toshiyuki: Adhere to the road of SLR and micro-single grasping with both hands

Canon officially released a New Year's greeting poster today. Mr. Toshiyuki Ishii of Canon (China) delivered a congratulatory message. I wish everyone good luck in the Year of the Tiger, all the best, happiness, and health.

He said that the new crown epidemic is still unstable, and sometimes only remote communication is possible. At present, the market demand is strong, and the supply of goods is in short supply. Canon is making every effort to allocate the supply.

Toshiyuki Ishii said that he has been working and living in China for five years, studying Chinese hard, and looking forward to communicating with more Chinese photography enthusiasts. He said that he found that Chinese photography enthusiasts are not only high-level, but also very particular about photographic equipment, especially Canon EOS 5D, 6D series, R5, R6 full-frame cameras are very popular .

Toshiyuki Ishii said that in the Chinese market, Canon's adherence to the road of " SLR and micro single-handedness " will not be shaken. In 2022, Canon will launch more new cameras and imaging solutions. Here's the full text of the New Year's greetings:

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