Canon EOS R5C officially release

Canon officially released the EOS R5c camera today. Compared with the R5, it mainly has a built-in cooling fan and realizes uninterrupted (unlimited time) 8K / 60PRAW internal recording, which supports richer video control functions. , the official price is 4499 US dollars (about 28568.65 yuan), and it will be sold in March.

It is reported that Canon EOS R5c inherits the ergonomic design of EOS series, 45 million pixel 8K full-frame CMOS sensor and DIGICX image sensor, second-generation dual-core CMOS white dynamic focus, the whole machine provides 13 assignable custom buttons, The extended interface is sufficient for professional users.

It is worth mentioning that in order to achieve 8K / 60P continuous recording, you also need an external power supply. The machine also supports 10bit 422 4K / 120P recording, but it seems that it does not support body image stabilization and ND filters, and can only rely on the lens. on the anti-shake component.

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