Canon will develop cameras for autonomous driving

Due to the downturn in the digital camera industry, Canon is seeking new business types, announcing that it will use optical lens technology to manufacture automotive cameras for autonomous driving systems. Canon has signed a memorandum of cooperation with Tier IV, an autonomous driving innovation company, to jointly develop L4 autonomous driving technology.

Open-source autonomous driving company Tier IV announced on January 6 that Canon is its strategic partner, which will manufacture dedicated in-vehicle cameras for it. The Japanese company developed the world's first open-source software for autonomous driving: Autoware, based on Linux and ROS.

Tier IV, a member of the Hon Hai Group MIH Electric Vehicle Alliance, received a strategic investment of US$9 million in 2019. The company plans to launch its own L4 autonomous driving system in 2022.

The two companies will jointly develop autonomous driving and advanced autonomous driving assistance systems (ADAS) and other related in-vehicle camera products, which will be reproduced on Tier IV autonomous vehicles for testing. Canon said that such cameras can also be used in fields such as robot security monitoring, and plans to sell them in 2022.

Tesla cars also favor the use of optical lenses for autonomous driving decisions, eliminating all radar. Currently, each Tesla car is equipped with eight cameras, and users can unlock the FSD full self-driving function after paying for it.

In addition to this, Canon will also be working on a driver monitoring system (DMS) that uses cameras to monitor driver behavior in real time.

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