China Telecom and ZTE trial run the country's first commercial pilot of 5G indoor fusion positioning

ZTE learned that China Telecom Research Institute and Shanghai Company have recently joined hands with ZTE to start the commercial trial operation of 5G indoor integrated positioning technology in Shanghai.

According to reports, the pilot is the first commercial project of indoor sub-meter high-precision positioning based on the fusion of 5G UTDOA and Bluetooth AoA. Through this technology, the overall accuracy of positioning based on the current 4G/5G cellular network will be greatly improved, and the deep integration of 5G communication and positioning perception will be realized.

ZTE said that this commercial pilot is based on ZTE's 5G commercial base station equipment, providing 5G R16 version UTDOA positioning technology, which has no upgrade requirements for 5G mobile phones, only need to upgrade the software of 5G base stations. A positioning and navigation service that you can experience using your own 5G mobile phone.

The technical verification before the pilot shows that the positioning accuracy of 5G UTDOA technology is within 2 meters, with a confidence level of more than 90%. Compared with the traditional cellular network indoor positioning technology, its positioning accuracy has been greatly improved. This high-precision positioning capability also It will be widely used with the extension of 5G indoor coverage.

At the same time, this pilot integrates the Bluetooth AoA positioning technology with sub-meter positioning accuracy, which enhances the positioning capability of 5G at the current stage. ZTE pointed out that 5G high-precision positioning services will adopt different technical implementation solutions for different application scenarios of ToB and ToC. In this pilot, uplink positioning technology that does not require changes to existing 5G mobile phones is preferentially selected to support commercial applications for the public market.

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